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Keep track of how we are using language. Record words you find in print but not in a dictionary.

Pronunciation Key (n-l-jzm)
1. A new word, expression, or usage.
2. The creation or use of new words or senses.

Find a new word in context and post it here for discussion.

Where do you find new words?

Most often you find them in journalism as magazines and newspapers report on our world and culture they increasingly have to be creative to describe it. They have to name new objects or actions or trends to which we haven’t yet given much thought. Some of the words coined by journalists stick and become the accepted label, whether it makes it into a dictionary eventually or not. Some slip by unnoticed.

Read carefully and think about the words you see. Are they “real” words?

What is a word?

There are many, many different ways of defining a word. For example, your computer’s spell check will consider any letter or group of letters with white spaces around it to be a word. But is spell check an authority on words? Is a dictionary?

A word is a unit of language larger than a morpheme and smaller than a sentence. A sentence is a group of words strung together. When you speak a sentence, how many words can you hear? What separates one word from the next?

We all use words. We all string them together in sentences. This is simple, a nontask—to use a word to refer to something is a nontask—but the more you think about how it works, the less you understand it.

Happy Wordfinding!

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